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twinBASIC Documentation

General user documentation for twinBASIC

What’s a package?

In twinBASIC, a package is a collection of components that you can reference from another twinBASIC project. The components can be modules, classes or interfaces.

A twinBASIC package is distributed as a TWINPACK file that contains everything needed by the components in that package. A project that references a TWINPACK package, imports the whole package into the file system of the root project, resulting in no external dependencies.

With TWINPACK packages you group common components together into their own namespace whilst allowing for convenient code reuse without any of the problems often associated with using external DLL libraries.

twinBASIC comes complete with a package manager service called TWINSERV, allowing you to easily share and distribute TWINPACK packages to other twinBASIC developers.

Please be aware that TWINPACK files currently contain the full sourcecode of your packaged components. It is planned that we will in future allow for creating binary (compiled) TWINPACK files for developers that hold an Ultimate edition licence of twinBASIC.