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twinBASIC Documentation

General user documentation for twinBASIC

Getting Started

Package requirements

To create projects that use WebView2, your projects must include both the WinNativeForms package and the WebView2 package in your projects.

Both of these packages can be added through the Project > References menu option, and selecting the TWINPACK PACKAGES button. Ensure both packages are ticked, and then close and save the Settings file and restart the compiler.

Create Package

Once you’ve added the package references, you should find that the WebView2 control is now available to you in the form designer:

Create Package

Create a WebView2 control on a form

We use the WebView2 control just like any ordinary control:

Create Package

WebView2 control properties

There are lots of WebView2 properties and events to experiment with.

Create Package

Note that toggling any property will show extra information at the bottom of the properties list to give you a little bit more information. For further information on a particular property, try searching the official WebView2 documentation


If you prefer to start with a sample, have a look at Sample 0. WebView2 Examples, available in the new-project dialog:

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